2024 EdTech Breakthrough Overall ECE Solution of the Year Winner

Revolutionizing child care solutions with award-winning innovative technology.

About us

We are a team of empathy-led technologists committed to creating fundamental, systemic change that makes the entire ECE system more equitable and effective.

We are on a mission to turn the dream of high-quality, affordable early care and education for everyone into reality.

Our Core Values

We pride ourselves on being partners that build and deploy the best solution for your state or community.

  • Humility

    We understand that we are but one piece in a complex system that includes caregivers, educators, government agencies, local organizations, families, and more. While our technology is critical to creating ECE systems for everyone, it takes everyone involved to transform the ECE sector. Our ability to have impact is directly tied to the important work of our clients. We exist to serve them.

  • Adaptability

    Our team is willing to be flexible, admit to being wrong, and ready to tear it all down to rebuild better. We always put the best user experience and highest impact before our own egos. Our modular Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions are inclusive, culturally responsive, accessible, designed to work in any country, state, county, or municipality, and can grow and be adapted over time.

  • Visionary

    We envision a future where high-quality, affordable early care and education is easily accessible for all. We provide foundational software designed to transform the early care and education sector. Our team takes the time to understand your particular challenges and create solutions that set you up for success. We go beyond the expected, building systems our clients actually need, not just what they initially ask for.

Our impact

We believe that the greatest way to impact families and providers is by creating a modern, well-functioning ECE system that puts their needs first. Our platform provides the foundation on which the dream of quality Early Care and Education for everyone becomes a reality.

  • 500K+Families Use BridgeCare
  • 50K+Providers Use BridgeCare
  • 500+Counties Use BridgeCare

A message from our CEO

It’s a time to be optimistic about the future of early care in the US and beyond. Since founding BridgeCare, I’ve met countless caregivers and public servants bringing their passion and talent to solve this complex challenge, keeping the needs of children and families front and center
as they work.

Our team is dedicated to being a trusted partner to our clients as they leverage our innovative solutions to meet the care needs in their communities.

Jamee Herbert
CEO & Co-founder


Our women-led perspective

As a women- and parent-led company, we know firsthand what’s at stake. We’re committed to creating fundamental, systemic change that makes the entire ECE system more equitable and effective.

Our leadership team
  • Enabling equity

    A well-functioning and well-funded ECE system is critical for racial and gender equity. Women are most impacted by this fragmented system, and women of color are disproportionately impacted by the inequities of the current systems as both parents and care providers.

  • Empowering mothers

    With child care commonly costing as much (or more) than a mortgage, families feel forced to make the tough decision to have a parent — disproportionately the mother — compromise their career and stay home to raise their families. As a result, 43% of mothers leave the workforce to provide care for their children.

  • Improving long-term outcomes

    Mothers who return to work two years after leaving it to care for their children — when their child enters preschool — have already lost a third of their total lifetime earnings.

The BridgeCare system we launched in our community has been a game changer.

Christina Taylor, CEOEarly Childhood Council of Larimer County

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