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Parents Unite Across Party Lines in Support of Children and Families

byCharles HollowayonMay 10, 2023

A recent poll conducted by Morning Consult and ZERO TO THREE reveals an overwhelming bipartisan consensus among parents regarding federal support for families. Nearly 90% of parents agree that Congress should make support for children and families a top priority, with a significant 60% considering it one of the most important issues for this budget cycle.

Remarkably, this demand for action transcends party lines. The survey found that 94% of Democratic voters and 90% of Republican voters insist on prioritizing the needs of children and families in the upcoming federal budget. Miriam Calderón, ZERO TO THREE's Chief Policy Officer, emphasizes the wide-ranging support, stating, "We're seeing strong support across the partisan divide.”

Furthermore, the poll highlights parents' apprehension about potential cuts to critical support programs. The majority of those surveyed expressed concern about possible reductions in areas such as child care (84%), special education (82%), food assistance and nutrition (83%), affordable housing (82%), healthcare (87%), and mental health (84%). Calderón stresses that these are not abstract programs but lifelines for many families.

The survey also uncovered deep fears among parents about the potential impacts of non-action by leaders, including difficulties in finding affordable, high-quality childcare and ensuing work struggles, alongside worries about being forced to choose cheaper, less healthy food options. Around 60% of respondents anticipated challenges with housing or utility bill payments in the absence of congressional action.

Given the strong demand and vital importance of these issues, Calderón encourages Congress members to act: “Parents of young kids are doing their jobs. Now it’s up to members of Congress to do theirs.”

In short, as the nation heads into its budget cycle for 2024, the message from parents is clear - support for children and families must be a priority, regardless of political affiliation.


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