2024 EdTech Breakthrough Overall ECE Solution of the Year Winner

Revolutionizing child care solutions with award-winning innovative technology.



Empower ECE workers in your community to achieve the skills and credentials they need to provide the best quality of care for children.


Upskill your workforce

Start tracking certifications, set goals, and evaluate progress today.

  • Create career paths with clear action items

    Identify the training level of the learner and guide them to courses to achieve credentials to advance their career.

  • Recognize and reward avid learners

    Learners can earn certificates to advance themselves and their ECE business. When coupled with other modules, this can be used to drive state QRIS programs and other quality initiatives.

  • Define quality for your state or region

    Depending on your state’s quality goals, educators can be required to acquire certain credentials or skills. Easily measure the impact of credentialing programs on quality over time.

Module details

Verify and record achievements

With electronic records of credentials, the state can verify the accuracy of their staff’s success and progress.

Increase engagement with user-friendly technology

Motivate users with goals that are achievable and easy to understand.

Improve the future of your workforce

Unlock the potential of skills-based education and hiring. Allow future ECE employees to engage in content and create a talent pipeline.

Interests tagging

Tag credentials for easy indexing and allowing educators to explore a speciality or area of interest.

Automated expiry notifications

When credentials are expiring, quickly notify learners that they are required to recertify in order to maintain their credentials.

Measure impact

With visibility into which educators are increasing their credentials, it makes it easy to measure the impact in other areas of care such as state quality ratings for locations or child outcomes.

Case studies

Review real-world examples of our platform in action.

Related modules

ECE agencies and organizations often bundle several other modules with this one to create a comprehensive solution package.

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We bundle modules together in the most common configurations to give you a quick starting point for building your custom ECE solution.

Recruit, onboard, and maintain licensing status
Modules included:
Learning Management (LMS)
Monitoring & Assessments
Provider Management
Reporting & Analytics
Workforce Management
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Professional Development (PDIS)
Learning and management for the ECE workforce
Modules included:
Coaching & Technical Assistance
Learning Management (LMS)
Reporting & Analytics
Workforce Management
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