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Grant Applications

Grant Applications

Apply, review, and disperse funds faster. Deploy grant applications in minutes, collect and review applications, award funding, and disperse funds — all in one platform.


Configure the grant process to meet your goals

Our configurable software allows your team to design the applicant’s and reviewer’s experience.

  • Customize your application & review process

    Design your application including the ability to automatically determine eligibility. Each grant can have a unique review process. Set the stages of the review process, design the review at each stage, and tag applications accordingly.

  • Single system advantage

    Identify eligible applicants easily, pre-populate applications with previously saved data, and track funding and outcomes related to awarded funds.

  • Collaborate amongst teams

    Automatically add or remove access for Individual administrators or teams depending on an application’s stage in the review process. For example, a user may be assigned for document verification and then another team is assigned for award determination.

Module details

Hidden or public grants

Limit permissions to specific applicants by creating access codes for grants. Hidden grants will not appear in the central grant listing page.

Allow applicant collaboration

Applicants can invite other team members to an in-progress application to review, edit, and/or submit.

Require document uploads before submission

Documents can be made mandatory or optional as part of the grant application process. If they are mandatory, users are prompted to upload documentation before they can submit an application.

Automatically score applications

Using a unique formula for each program, our software can score and prioritize grant applications based on applicant responses. This helps teams more quickly assess and fund those most in need.

Instant message applicants

Reviewers can directly message an applicant for more information while still viewing the application. Additionally, automated updates keep applicants informed about the status of their application.

Tag applications for easier indexing

During the review process, administrators can tag applications (e.g. Duplicate or Missing Documents) to quickly organize and group applications, making it easier for users to find and collaborate on them.

Case studies

Review real-world examples of our platform in action.

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Grants Management
Eligible providers apply for and receive public funds
Modules included:
Grant Applications
Reporting & Analytics
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