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Child care

Child care

We work with state agencies and local organizations to create and maintain a well functioning, high quality, and accessible child care system.


How we support child care

Supporting the child care ecosystem is complex, that’s why we offer integrated solutions for everyone involved that include benefits for parents, providers, and administrators.

  • Families benefit

    Families connect with available child care openings, apply for subsidy programs, and manage attendance in one streamlined experience.

  • Providers benefit

    Easy-to-use Provider Portal allows providers to market their programs, manage enrollment, maintain licensing status, and more all in one place.

  • Administrators benefit

    Automation and streamlined workflows improve efficiencies across teams. Access to data allows admins to make informed decisions to impact the entire ecosystem.

Our clients

We partner with local organizations and government agencies from coast to coast.

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Case studies

Review real-world examples of our platform in action.

Other ECE sectors we serve

We offer integrated solutions for everyone in the ECE ecosystem.

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