2024 EdTech Breakthrough Overall ECE Solution of the Year Winner

Revolutionizing child care solutions with award-winning innovative technology.

Product overview

Our SaaS platform lets government agencies and local organizations bundle modules together to create the combination that best serves ECE providers and families while providing the data needed to make informed decisions.


Benefit from an integrated system

We provide your staff and leaders with the technology infrastructure and expertise you need to build a modern and effective ECE system across your state or region.

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  • Accessible, user-friendly technology

    Easy for families, providers, and staff to learn and use. Our inclusive, human-centered design approach helps agencies, providers, and parents embrace new technology.

  • Single-system advantage

    Our platform transforms fragmented and siloed systems into one streamlined experience. It is simple and easy to use for families and providers, while handling all the necessary complexity on the backend.

  • Reliable and trusted delivery

    We deliver exceptional results on budget, on time, and approach each implementation as a partnership.

  • Data and analytics

    Use our reporting and analytics modules to adhere to state & federal reporting needs, see real-time insights, and gain visibility into system effectiveness and child outcomes.

Our impact

We believe that the greatest way to impact families and providers is by creating a modern, well-functioning ECE system that puts their needs first. Our platform provides the foundation on which the dream of quality Early Care and Education for everyone becomes a reality.

  • 500K+families use BridgeCare
  • 50K+providers use BridgeCare
  • 500+counties use BridgeCare

Security and compliance

Our solutions are built to meet data security, personal privacy, and comprehensive compliance requirements.


We offer HIPAA, FERPA, & PCI compliance for our clients that deal with PII and other sensitive information requiring additional compliance.

Robust permissions

Protect PII and other sensitive data with robust, configurable individual and team user permissions to support your organization's unique structure and workflows.

Custom hosting options

Hosting agnostic approach providers for ability to meet various cloud, on-premise, and/or domestic server requirements.


Case studies

Review real-world examples of our platform in action.

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