2024 EdTech Breakthrough Overall ECE Solution of the Year Winner

Revolutionizing child care solutions with award-winning innovative technology.

Pre-K programs

Pre-K programs

Our customizable software helps Pre-K programs modernize their systems to deliver speed and transparency to their review, placement, and payment processes.


Integrated solutions

We are a leading provider of public Pre-K program IT systems. We support a wide range of implementations to support mixed delivery programs and various selection processes.

  • One-stop-shop

    We are a one-stop-shop with an end-to-end solution. Our software is streamlined and integrated. All modules can be accessed in one system that can be easily enabled/disabled.

  • Place children faster

    Automatically determine eligibility, score applications, and place children to place children in known available slots faster.

  • Report on year over year success

    Measure year over year success, track improvements to the process, and iterate workflows to make it easier to place families.

Our clients

We partner with local organizations and government agencies from coast to coast.

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Case studies

Review real-world examples of our platform in action.

Othere ECE sectors we serve

We offer integrated solutions for everyone in the ECE ecosystem.

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