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Coordinated ECE

Coordinated ECE

Our solutions help state agencies and local organizations accomplish their goals of quickly and efficiently supporting families and early care and education providers.


What is Coordinated ECE?

The early care and education sector is funded and administered by several different fragmented funding streams that vary by state, county, region, or city. And, the burden to navigate a confusing and difficult system falls on the families and resource constrained providers that these systems support.

By utilizing our coordinated ECE solutions, state agencies and local organizations can move past bureaucracy and siloed systems to better serve families and providers.

  • Reduce burden of target beneficiaries

    By blending funds into one payment, providers are able to track multiple payment sources for one child. Families are only required to submit one application to determine eligibility for multiple programs.

  • More efficient use of funds

    Knowing all publicly-funded children by funding source allows administrators to maximize resources, demand, and plan to maximize access.

  • Consolidated reporting for better insights

    Understand the true cost of care for each child by tracking all supports needed to provide each child with adequate care.

Our clients

We partner with local organizations and government agencies from coast to coast.

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Case studies

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We offer integrated solutions for everyone in the ECE ecosystem.

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