2023 EdTech Breakthrough Innovation of the Year Award Winner

Revolutionizing child care solutions with award-winning innovative technology.

Modernizing the ECE community

We partner with government agencies and local organizations to create fundamental, systemic change that benefits families and ECE providers.


Making high-quality care a reality

We are on a mission to turn the dream of high-quality, affordable early care and education for everyone into reality. We are creating a well-funded and well-functioning ECE system that always puts the needs of families and providers first.

Our ambition is to enable the most effective use of ECE resources, stabilize the child care economy, increase access to quality, affordable care — and most importantly of all — improve the lives of the next generation of children.

About us

Our goals

By leveraging our products and expertise, leaders and champions of the ECE sector can create systems that are game-changers for families and providers.

  • Transformation

    Our software provides a modern, integrated foundation for creating change across every existing early care and education system.

  • Economic stability

    The economics of child care are broken, and as a result, child care itself is broken. Our products are designed to reinvent child care economics.

  • Equity

    We are committed to creating fundamental, systemic change that makes the entire ECE system more equitable and effective.

Our impact

We believe that the greatest way to impact families and providers is by creating a modern, well-functioning ECE system that puts their needs first. Our platform provides the foundation on which the dream of quality Early Care and Education for everyone becomes a reality.

  • 500K+Families use BridgeCare
  • 50K+Providers use BridgeCare
  • 500+Counties use Bridgecare

This solution has been incredibly important to the business of child care as providers require assistance to survive through these challenging business times.

Peter Sloan, Director of AdministrationTrying Together

Case studies

Review real-world examples of our platform in action.

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