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  • Single, streamlined application, eligibility, and enrollment across programs and funding sourcesLearn More
  • Coordinate, monitor, and evaluate case loadsLearn More
  • Improvement and support for the child care workforceLearn More
  • Assess, track, and improve the quality of child care servicesLearn More
  • Connect families with available care and generate demand insightsLearn More
  • Receive and review provider grant applicationsLearn More
  • Deliver and track online curriculumLearn More
  • Instant or mass message providers and familiesLearn More
  • Inspect and assess providers for licensing status and quality improvementLearn More
  • Distribute funds to providers and families, hassle-freeLearn More
  • Recruit, onboard, and maintain provider recordsLearn More
  • Report and visually analyze information and extractsLearn More
  • Securely track and record student attendanceLearn More
  • Track, measure, and report on your workforceLearn More

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