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Pre-K programs, QRIS

Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education



In the State of Alabama, the ADECE sought a white label, web-based tool that integrated a childcare locator with a childcare provider data quality management and a professional learning management web based tool. The project was intended for approximately 3,000 providers, 30,000+ children, and 10,000 teachers/coaches.

Delivering real results

To meet the need, the ADECE initially contracted BridgeCare to facilitate their state-wide preschool program and support Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) team requirements. Families apply, select their preferences and accept enrollment while Preschool providers manage enrollment and waitlists, run reports, and mass message families. The QRIS team within ADECE uses BridgeCare’s Professional Development system. BridgeCare has enabled the QRIS team to centralize data about licensed providers and their workforce, simplify the user experience for providers with one streamlined system, and has provided real-time information about child care quality within the state.

Services Provided

Connect families with available care and generate demand insightsLearn More
Single, streamlined application, eligibility, and enrollment across programs and funding sourcesLearn More
Instant or mass message providers and familiesLearn More
Deliver and track online curriculumLearn More
Inspect and assess providers for licensing status and quality improvementLearn More
Report and visually analyze information and extractsLearn More

The BridgeCare system we launched in our community has been a game changer.

Christina Taylor, CEOEarly Childhood Council of Larimer County

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