2023 EdTech Breakthrough Innovation of the Year Award Winner

Revolutionizing child care solutions with award-winning innovative technology.

Child Care, Subsidy, Coordinated Eligibility

Larimer Child Care Fund


How it works

BridgeCare provides a new coordinated, subsidy application to streamline eligibility screening and application submission on behalf of multiple local funding sources. BridgeCare’s provider and administrative portal helps connect families with care, support providers in advertising their programs, improve the quality of child care, streamline eligibility screening and application submissions, and fund subsidy programs available to Larimer County families.

Delivering real results

In the year prior to implementing BridgeCare, the ECCLC had only 5 parent referrals from the existing state referral systems. Within the first month of using BridgeCare in August 2020, they were able to refer 200 parents to child care providers with vacancies.

Services Provided

Connect families with available care and generate demand insightsLearn More
Single, streamlined application, eligibility, and enrollment across programs and funding sourcesLearn More
Securely track and record student attendanceLearn More
Distribute funds to providers and families, hassle-freeLearn More
Report and visually analyze information and extractsLearn More

The BridgeCare system we launched in our community has been a game changer.

Christina Taylor, CEOEarly Childhood Council of Larimer County

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